Why does Facebook recommend friends i have never even met?

Why does Facebook recommend friends i have never even met?

Facebook’s individuals you might Know algorithm is shrouded in secret – also in the ongoing business it self. But its recommendations have frequently generated dark consequences

For Eddie Velasco, it had been a client during the bank where he worked. For Julice Everage, it had been some body in Starbucks. As well as for Brigid Kaelin, caregiving on her dying mom summer that is last it absolutely was a nursing assistant whom visited her home. Velasco, Everage, and Kaelin are simply three of several thousand people who’ve been creeped away after Facebook’s “People You May Know” device suggested they relate to strangers right after first conference them in true to life.

For over a ten years, individuals you may possibly understand (PYMK) happens to be suggesting possible new friends on Facebook: there’s that girl you knew in main college, your best friend’s dad, plus the uncle you’ve been avoiding adding due to their passion for PROUD BREXITEERS AGAINST POLITICAL CORRECTNESS memes. The algorithm behind PYMK is really secretive so it breeds speculation that is frenzied. If you search for “People You May Know”, the very first snippet taken by Bing claims that “People You May Know = individuals Who Stalked You”, one thing Twitter itself denies.


Facebook publicly admits you can find four factors that feed into PYMK. First there’s individuals you have got a lot of shared buddies with – probably the most reason that is common recommendations, according to Facebook’s assist Centre. Then you will find people that are in identical Facebook teams or pictures while you; and phone and email contacts you’ve uploaded to Facebook (knowingly or not) as you; people who went to the same school or work at the same company. This line has now been deleted from the official Help Centre page while back in 2016, Facebook also said “many other factors” fed into its algorithm.

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